Founded by VoIP experts in 2010 and headquartered in Berlin, Germany, FRAFOS takes a fresh approach to delivering businesses and service providers of all sizes with modern VoIP security and management solutions.



The FRAFOS ABC Session Border Controller and WebRTC Gateway provide secure real-time communications solutions on the cloud, virtual environment or OTS hardware, along with a flexible performance package suitable for small enterprises and expandable up to full-on carrier-grade requirements.  Take your visibility to the next level with our ABC Monitor, which provides a full picture of your VoIP activities for troubleshooting and performance management task


In today’s demanding communications environment, requirement are constantly changing as new applications are deployed daily. These challenges can only be met with an innovative, reliable and flexible  VoIP infrastructure.  FRAFOS has managed to combine these attributes into a secure and field-proven solution.  We invite you to try this for yourself – take advantage of our free trial here.